5 Home Remedies For Back Pain (At 30 And 40)

One day, you get up and you have an unbearable back pain, you do not exercise and you did not
make an effort the day before, so what happens? There are several home remedies for back pain
that you can try.Back pain is very common from the age of 30 because it influences some activities like repeated
bending, carrying something heavy or sleeping bent. It has also been proven that between 30 and
40 years, it is likely for someone to suffer the first episode of low back pain.

Home Remedies


Garlic oil is used to rub over the pain area. Fry 10 cloves of garlic until brown, in 60 ml. olive oil
or almonds. When it has cooled, rub vigorously on the back and let it act for 3 hours, then take a
bath with warm water. It is recommended to do it for 15 days.

Lemon Juice with Salt

You squeeze the juice of 3 lemons, with a pinch of salt and take it twice a day. Vitamin C is
powerful to soothe back pains. The recommended measure of vitamin C is 2 grams per day.

Rosemary Alcohol

In a bottle, put 2 branches of rosemary in a liter of alcohol. Let it sit for 7 days and then use it to
massage the back, on both sides of the spine, preferably before going to sleep. If you don’t know
how to correctly massage, there are videos on the internet you can watch to serve as your guide.

Sage Tea

Boil 2 tablespoons of sage leaf in 1 liter of water for 5-10 minutes. When it is cold, you can
drink it 2 times a day for it helps reduce the pained areas.

Olive Oil with Chamomile

In a glass jar, mix olive oil with fresh flowers of chamomile until the bottle is covered and sealed
tightly. Leave it where it has a bit exposure to the sun for 2 weeks and then store in the
refrigerator. When you feel pained, rub it on the skin and you will feel relieved.

According to a study by Centre Watch in Fresno, California, the pain in the back and lower back
are triggered by these causes:

– Repetitive work to bend over and lift heavy objects;
– Poor posture when sitting, sleeping and standing;
– Obesity and overweight;
– Some undetected cases of arthritis or early osteoporosis;
– Stress and depression cause discomfort.

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