What is thermotherapy?

Thermotherapy is one of the oldest techniques and medical applications used in medicine, physiotherapy, holistic and conventional medicine and is applied for the treatment of various diseases.

Therapy is technically the treatment of pain by the use of temperature in the variation of hot or cold wherein the main purpose is the activation of self-healing powers of the body itself.

Using thermotherapy as a cold treatment, inflammation is reduced because lower body temperature inhibits the spread of inflammatory agents. Using short-term cold applications also stimulates muscle activity, thus increasing muscle tension.

Thermotherapy treatment in hot variation stimulates our metabolism and strengthens the immune system. Undergoing this treatment also relieves pain and relaxes muscles. Generally, locally applied thermotherapy increases blood circulation and may favor the natural healing processes of the body itself. Likewise, heat stimulates body metabolism and mobilizes oxygen, nutrients and antibodies.

Thermotherapy uses different modes of heat delivery: heating pads, hot air, hot water bottles, hot packs or heating caps, light rays, infrared or ultrasound and also some medications such as capsaicin which can cause local skin irritation but can stimulate circulation. Still, the sauna and traditional steam baths help relieve tension and are useful for preventing viral infections.

Therapy is used successfully for the treatment of various diseases or even for sports purposes e.g. muscles threshed through thermotherapy in cold or hot application can be loosen and relaxed. Moreover, with common diseases such as arthrosis or arthritis or rheumatic pain, thermotherapy is applied to reduce such pain or treat lung diseases such as bronchitis or asthma. Today, modern Hyperthermia is replacing traditional thermotherapy, especially for the treatment of rheumatic pain.

A special form of modern thermotherapy is hyperthermia. Hyperthermia is referred to whenever the body’s overheating occurs, whether it is total body or body hyperthermia or local hyperthermia also called loco-regional. Hyperthermia uses micro waves or short waves, radio waves, infrared radiation applied externally to warm our body or a specific part as an organ or tissue.

Therapeutic therapy has recently been undergoing tremendous advances, particularly in the application of cancer prevention. Numerous Publications are documenting the effectiveness of cancer cell treatments, especially because cancer cells are unable to absorb or withstand heat unlike healthy cells, hence, we can say that heat is the possible Achilles heel of cancer cells. This is due to the fact that cancer cells have different metabolism and different blood supply than healthy cells. When cancer cells are exposed to heat build-up, they begin to lack the oxygen they need, leading to a nutritional impoverishment of the tumor. This deficiency leads to disturbances of important metabolic processes such as cell division and cell maintenance and can work positively leading to a failure of the tumor tissue cell repair system. So in a sense, the cancer cells damaged by thermotherapy cannot be replaced, this can lead to the death of the cancer cells while the heat as mentioned above does not affect healthy cells.


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