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Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy (also known as HBOT) is a well – established treatment using advanced technology through increased atmospheric pressure to saturate the body with 100 percent pure oxygen with the aim of treating specific conditions. For a long time, HBOT has been established as a basic therapy for treating carbon monoxide poisoning and gastric gangrene.

However, with years of inclination and a number of investigations on this matter, these applications have increased in multiple types of diseases as well as the subsequent effects. Equal form is used to accelerate patient recovery in converse and cosmetic surgeries to avoid postoperative effects such as inflammation, bruising, hemorrhage and possible infections.

How does it work?

Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy uses a pressurized chamber (called Hyperbaric Chamber) that increases atmospheric pressure two to three times but at normal atmospheric pressure. The body is exposed to these pressures and breathing 100 percent pressurized oxygen (the air we normally breathe everyday keeps a 19 percent to 21 percent oxygen, depending on where we are). Therapy lasts between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the condition, disease and clinical indication of the patient. Each session or treatment is divided into three parts: compression, recommended pressurization time and decompression.

During treatment, the blood stream and body cells arrive at saturation of Oxygen to such a high degree (saturation can reach up to 2000 percent) that the process of revitalization and sanction in the body tends to evolve rapidly than under normal oxygenation conditions.

Hence, undergoing such treatment, the oxygen that go directly to the bloodstream and of course to the whole body, all body fluids (including lymphatic fluid and cerebrum / spinal) are then irrigated and benefited with oxygen molecules.

This oxygen irrigation in all body fluids allows oxygen molecules to be brought to all the bones and tissues that are inaccessible to red blood cells in normal situations, allowing the acceleration and increase of white cell functions in the blood, thus promoting the formation of new capillary glasses and peripheral glasses. This reproduction and formation of capillary and peripheral glasses resulted in an increase in infection control and rapid recovery of an infinite number of emergency conditions and degenerative diseases.

What is the patient experiencing during treatment?

Patients are placed in a hyperbaric chamber (The hyperbaric chamber is a cylindrical hermetic chamber, specially designed for this type of process with atmospheric pressure and oxygen). The patient is placed in a mask for which he can breathe pure 100 percent oxygen, under atmospheric pressure ranging from 1.5 to 3, duly controlled by technicians and physicians specializing in hyperbaric oxygen therapy and technique. The approximate time of each session varies between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the type of indication it prescribes or degenerative disease in the patient. Communication between the prescriber, the technician and the patients is ongoing and leads to completion of an internal communication system in which the patient, the doctor and / or the technician can stay in constant conversation. Patients have clear visibility from the inside of the hyperbaric chamber through a few counters. This allows the patient to stay in touch with his / her family or friends waiting outside the treatment room.


Oxygen is life and as such is an essential and important element for the processes of sanction and care of degenerative disease and specific clinical cases. Specifically, Hyperbaric Oxygenation is used to speed up treatment of seriously injured people, people with second and third degree burns, neurological, orthopedic and extreme emergency conditions such as gas cancers and lack of circulation and sensitivity at the lower extremities (avoiding possible amputations), as for certain types of cardiovascular conditions and to stimulate the immune system of patients among many other applications.

Pure oxygen saturation with high atmospheric pressures in the body stimulates the human body by reactivating various biological processes and as a result accelerating the person’s revitalization and producing effects such as rejuvenation, metabolic balance, half-life of the hair as well as an increase in libido or sexual appetite are between a considerable numbers of benefits of this therapy.

With Hyperbaric Oxygenation, patients can be sure to remain free from any type of wound infection, feeling of being relieved from stress, fatigue or tiredness and even keep the body in the right weight.

It is important to note that through Hyperbaric Oxygenation treatments, many patients have experienced and repressed an extraordinary increase in their memories, clarity of thoughts, good sleeping patterns and increase in bodily energy.

Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy is also used in sports medicine to accelerate the recovery of injuries, bruises and injuries in athletes. Many sports teams around the world use this therapy to increase the physical and mental performance of their athletes.


Are there any side effects with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Some patients (less than 5 percent of them) experience a strange feeling in terms of hearing. This feeling is the same with that of feeling disconnected or having just landed on an airplane (covered hearing). As the pressure in the Hyperbaric Room is increased, the feeling of covered hearing increases. However, this little disturbance can be overcome without any problems, rubbing the nose with hands and attempting to expel the compressed air in the hearing or chewing gum chewing or taking a little water can help.

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