Nutrition and Infections: If We Change Our Food We Can Heal Naturally

First of all, it is important to stress once again the importance of prevention and to avoid anything that is not good, especially for the immune system and non-specific defense systems.

Refined sugars stand out, not only because they are greedy tumors, fungi and bacteria; not only because they acidify, oxidize, etc., but most relevantly, due to their ability to stop, block the activity of macrophages, supporting structures of the immune and defensive system. Sugar is toxic just as necessary, which is why animals, young children and those who follow a natural, alkalizing diet do not have glycemic changes.

Blood sugar is constant and should not undergo consistent changes in relation to what we ingest. Just like arterial pressure, venous or temperature, which can vary even more, but always in relation to needs, but never should be based on ingested food.

Having said that, a less decisive effect on the defense system is given by refined flours, in particular, modified gluten. Also meat food, specifically those coming from intensive farms, subjected to large doses and for prolonged periods of antibiotics and hormones that increase the mass, water retention, therefore the weight, but favoring an inflammation. An inflammation that repeats itself or is facilitated by these animals if they are eaten.

What is it that is good? The colored substances, various flavonoids, fruits, and vegetables, especially if colored are excellent natural antibiotics that we should never disdain. Plants do not have a system based on immune cells and antibodies, so their defense against bacteria that inevitably infest the entire earth’s surface is entrusted exclusively to these substances.

The more the necessity is, the greater the concentration of sugar, of which in fact the bacteria are thriving and continuously multiplying. This is why, sweet fruits are particularly useful and should not be taken for granted, whatever some doctor may say, perhaps oncologist, diabetologist and the improvised nutritionist.

Even the acidosis blocks the immune system, so one more reason, if there were not enough is to move towards an alkalizing diet, that is to favor food of vegetable origin and not refined and avoid carbonated drinks (there are many studies that show why these beverages are dangerous)and obviously sugary.

Other special attention: Our immune system is gifted with large doses of various vitamins, including C la A, K, D. many of the group B etc. It is therefore obvious to repeat and reiterate the importance of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. In addition, the immune system also needs a lot of protein and plenty of water. For this reason, it is necessary to have a good daily intake of legumes and cereals, possibly for every meal. It is better if they are present and properly balanced, so as to prevent any small amino acid deficiency. Likewise, it is also necessary to drink a lot, which among other things, further optimizes the local defense system of the body most prone to infections, as they are open to the outside threats: the respiratory tract and the urinary tract.

To begin with, there is a mucous film that flows continuously and directly towards the pharynx, so it must be done in order to deliver the dissolution of any external agent and necessary gastric acidity. On the other hand, this presentation is of so much, especially for the children who are in need of the stronger immune system. This is why, it is right that when the child touches something and puts his fingers in his mouth, obeying a precise and sensible biological program, it could be expected for some unwanted microbial agents to get in the intestine as they alter a very delicate and very important balance of our state of health. The road would open up to a real infection of the intestine, which will express itself, depending on the characteristics of the subject, with inflammatory intestinal diseases in the strict sense, such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn, with autoimmune diseases. Today is said to be of the “permeable” gut syndrome, i.e. with digestive tumors, which stand out among the leading causes of death in both sexes.

For the urinary system, health and hygiene are entrusted even more to the flow of water, i.e. urine. Generally, in the mountains, the water that flows is healthier while the water that stagnates is easily and understandably prone to infestation. The infection of the urinary tract is oftentimes a characteristic of women in advanced pregnancy and of men with prostatic hypertrophy, in which these are conditions that entail a stagnation of urine in the bladder. So drinking a lot ensures a decent mechanical defense during these times, just as it has been designed by nature.

Among other things, the dryness of the upper airway that blocks the flow of the mucous film and harnesses the movement of the vibrating lashes that assure it, is the main reason why children who breathe badly from the nose get sick more easily than the throat.

Then, there is some particularly useful food for specific apparatuses and infections: sage for the oral cavity, blueberries for the urinary tract because it is shown, they mimic the expression of protein structures to which the bacteria cling. For this, it is proven to be an excellent therapy that prevents recurrence of different infections. Also, watching videos about the healthiest green food through the internet will giver added information. Among other healthy food, we have the chili for the digestive system, onion or turmeric, a bit for everything, many balsamic oils and honey for the respiratory tract, with the peace of the most integral vegans and many more. Also, eating garlic, with its anti-parasitic effect will be so much helpful.

Last but not the least is physical activity. It is the great garrison offered to us by nature among many and other beneficial activities. A marked immune – stimulant effect is now also demonstrated, awaiting only a reawakening of consciences towards a greater awareness and a better accountability both of the individual that of public health authorities.

Zinc, Iodine, Cobalt and etc. are readily available in the alkalizing diet in which more help could also be given by taking only raw food. It is certainly a good thing, but this serves for more complex immunological disorders, especially for food half – cooked only and never prepared by means of excessively high temperatures.

Even the sea should be remembered, in particular for the upper and lower respiratory tract, where the natural aerosol offered by the rock air adds an affection to the antimicrobial.

The same applies to the spa: the salso-iodic and salso-bromo-iodic waters possess a documented effect for the prevention of the airway infections and not that of acute therapy.  While the

Sulphurous waters prevent and above all treat infections of the integumentary, those of mycotic aspect and sometimes even parasitic infestations, due to the effect of the sulfhydryl group -SH. This element has many beneficial effects, among other things. Also anti-inflammatory and immune – regulatory, which is why it is well represented in many supplements and homeopathic products, aimed not only to decongest the high pathways but also to switch off the joint inflammation.

Among the principals, colloidal silver certainly excels, that if well prepared and without side effects, it will be able to counter most bacterial infections. Similarly, it will limit the viral infection or prevent them, even at lower dosages. It is also worth mentioning that a good immune – stimulant, anti-tumor and hemorrhoidal effect at high doses. It is probably for this reason that some centuries ago, the nobles who routinely ate silverware had fewer infections and survived pestilences better. Surely, they ate even more and better, but the antibiotic effect of colloidal silver was already known, exploited and well described even in ancient Rome, in ancient Greece and in ancient Egypt, by the Macedonian soldiers of Alexander the Great, who put together the largest empire, as well as the mysterious Sumerians.

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